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Latin nameGlehnia littoralis Fr. Schmidt ex Miquel
Family nameUmbelliferae
Common name
Growing data 
Class of ColdnessLight Condition
Class of WarmnessClass of Soil
Preference of Soil
Requirement of Shading
Photo libraryPhoto library
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Hata, K. et al., Stimulating activity of F-gitonin, a steroidal saponin from Hosta sieboldiana on human neutrophils-like cells. Natural Medicines (2002), 56(4), 153-156.
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Matsuura, H. et al., Antibacterial and antifungal polyyne compounds from Glehnia littoralis. Planta Medica (1996), 62(3), 256-259.
Sasaki, H. et al., The constituents of Glehnia littoralis Fr. Schmidt et Miq. Structure of a new coumarin glycoside, osthenol-7-O-β -gentiobioside. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (1980), 28(6), 1847-52.
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Sakuyo hyohon
Transcriptome, Genomics etc.
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