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Latin namePlantago asiatica L.
Family namePlantaginaceae
Common namePlantain
Growing data 
Class of ColdnessI~VILight ConditionII~IV
Class of Warmness45~170Class of SoilII~V
Preference of Soil
Requirement of Shading
Photo libraryPhoto library
Piao, G. et al., Inorganic constituents in the whole herb of the Plantago asiatica. Yanbian Daxue Yixue Xuebao (2004), 27(2), 100-102.
Kawamura, T. et al., Pharmacognostical studies of Plantaginis Herba. (13). Constituents of seeds of Plantago sp. and commercial Plantago seeds. Natural Medicines (1998), 52(1), 5-9.
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Kameoka, H. et al., The constituents of the essential oil from Plantago asiatica L. Yakugaku Zasshi (1979), 99(1), 95-7.
Crude drug Plantago Seed
Cultured tissue and efficient propagation Plantago_asiatica-Ref-1 , Plantago_asiatica-Ref-2 , Plantago_asiatica-Ref-3
Plant culture and efficient production method Plant culture
Sakuyo hyohon Herbarium
Transcriptome, Genomics etc.
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