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Plant data

Latin namePapaver pseudo-orientale (Fedde) Medv.
Family namePapaveraceae
Common nameOriental poppy
Growing data 
Class of ColdnessI~IVLight ConditionI〜IV
Class of Warmness45〜110Class of SoilI~III
Preference of Soil
Requirement of Shading
Photo libraryPhoto library
Veznik, F. et al., Alkaloids of the Papaveraceae. Part LXXXIII. Alkaloids from the roots of Papaver pseudo-orientale (Fedde) Medw. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications (1986), 51(8), 1752-63.
Sariyar, G. et al., Alkaloids from Papaver pseudo-orientale (P. lasiothrix) of Turkish origin. Planta Medica (1980), 38(4), 378-80.
Sariyar, G. et al., Macrantaline and macrantoridine, new alkaloids from a Turkish sample of Papaver pseudo-orientale. Phytochemistry (1977), 16(12), 2009-13.
Shafiee, A. et al., Alkaloids of Papaver orientale and Papaver pseudo-orientale. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1975), 64(9), 1570-2.
Crude drug
Cultured tissue and efficient propagation
Plant culture and efficient production method
Sakuyo hyohon
Transcriptome, Genomics etc.
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