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Plant data

Latin namePapaver rhoeas L.
Family namePapaveraceae
Common nameCorn poppy
Growing data 
Class of ColdnessI~VLight ConditionII~IV
Class of Warmness45〜170Class of SoilI~III
Preference of Soil
Requirement of Shading
Photo libraryPhoto library
Kalav, Y. N. et al., Alkaloids from Turkish Papaver rhoeas. Planta Medica (1989), 55(5), 488.
El-Masry, S. et al., Alkaloids from Egyptian Papaver rhoeas. Planta Medica (1981), 41(1), 61-4.
Gasic, O. et al., Isolation and chemistry of alkaloids from plants of the Papaveraceae family. LXI. Isolation and identification of alkaloids from Papaver rhoeas. Isolation of adlumidiceine, an alkaloid of the narceine type, and of (-)-N-methylstylopinium chloride. Glasnik Hemijskog Drustva Beograd (1974), 39(7-8), 499-505.
Preininger, V. et al., Isolation and chemistry of the alkaloids from some plants of the family Papaveraceae. LIX. Adlumidiceine and adlumiceine. New alkaloids of narceine type. Phytochemistry (1973), 12(10), 2513-15.
Pfeifer, S. et al., Alkaloids of genus Papaver. V. Papaver rhoeas alkaloids. Pharmazie (1965), 20(6), 394.
Crude drug
Cultured tissue and efficient propagation
Plant culture and efficient production method
Sakuyo hyohon
Transcriptome, Genomics etc.
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