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Plant latin nameCitrus unshiu Marcowicz
Literature codeCitrus_unshiu-Ref-2
ReferenceMasashi YAMAMOTO and Shozo KOBAYASHI, Plant Tissue Culture Letters,12 (2) ,131-137 (1995)
SummaryElectrofusion was conducted to combine Citrus unshiu cv. 'Juman' unshiu protoplasts isolated from embryogenic callus with C. sinensis cv. 'F. N. Washington' navel orange mesophyll protoplasts. One plant was regenerated from the fusion products. The plant has 18 chromosomes(2n = 18 in each parent) ,and it showed the same nuclear rDNA fragment pattern as that of C. sinensis. Whereas,chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA analyses showed that the plant contained C. unshiu chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes. From these results, the regenerated plant was confirmed as a cybrid having C. sinensis nuclear genome and C. unshiu cytoplasmic genome.
ObjectivesWe report here the production of a cybrid having cytoplasmic genome of C. unshiu which probably shows sterile cytoplasm and nuclear genome of C. sinensis.
Materialsin vitro plants
Explantleaves and callus
Initial cultureMaintaining for one year on agar medium consisting of Murashige and Tucker (MT) medium with 20 mg/l kinetin.
Shoot multiplicationA green embryoid derived from protoplasts was transferred to BM containing 500 mg/l malt extract,40 mg/l adenine,5% sucrose,and 0.9% agar. Cotyledonary embryoid which developed were transferred to BM containing 10 mg/l gibberellic acid,2% sucrose,and 0.9% agar.
Cultivation conditions
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