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Plant latin nameAtractylodes lancea De Candole
Literature codeAtractylodes_lancea-Ref-1
ReferenceShoyama Y et al, Shoyakugaku Zasshi 41(4): 313-317 (1987)
SummaryShoot tips of Atractylodes lancea DC. were cultured for 4 weeks on a medium supplemented with BAP(1 and 2.5 ppm) and IAA(1 ppm). When the shoots were subcultured for 7 weeks on a medium supplemented with 5 ppm BAP and 1 ppm IAA, they produced approximately 11 shoots per segment. On the ohter hand, when the medium was supplemented with BAP(2.5 ppm) and NAA(1 ppm), multiple shoot formation and tissue mass formation were induced. Subsequent transfer of these shoots to a medium containing auxins(IAA, NAA and IBA) or to a hormone free medium induced rooting. When the medium contained GA instead of auxins or when it was added to the hormone free medium, the thichening of tuber was observed. Its transplantation was quite successful.
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